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     The day of 5th  June 2008 , The International Day
of Environment , was a good opportunity for the pupils from “Sfintii Voievozi”School Nr. 1 and their teachers to develop , together with
their mates from Hele’s School, Plymouth , United Kingdom  a lot
of activities devoted to the environment.



       The activities were developed simultaneously between the schools (School Nr. 1 “Sfintii Voievozi” and Hele’s School ) and they
involved twenty-four pupils from England and twenty-four pupils
from Romania, guided by participant teachers involved in the
Comenius bilateral project.



           I. In Romania, pupils from seventh and eighth grades from
 School Nr. 1 “Sfintii Voievozi” , guided by Mrs. Miu Zina and Ms.
 Niculae Ioana participated at:



                 - International Symposium “Geography Between theory and practice” on 8th June ,with the 2008 theme  Only One Earth” ,
that took place at “Gheorghe Lazar” national college , where was presented           “The Population of Sector 1”  project which  included general
information about the above mentioned zone ( population evolution ,
influence facts , population structure , existing problems which the
community of our sector is confronting with  etc.)


                   The presentation was given the grade 9,50 – that is the 1st

 prize, by the Symposium  jury , at the “Gymnasium Pupils
Reports” section.



               The prize award is going to be held in September 2008 , during

the       teachers’ conference sessions.



           - The National Session of Communication organized by Polizu Polytechnic University, with “Clean Environment” theme, developed on   7th June 2008 , at Polizu University , where the pupils from School Nr. 1 “Sfintii Voievozi” presented the project  “Relationship Between  Meteorology Facts And Pollution Phenomenon In Bucharest City”.

            Pupils from eighth grade made known through a power point presentation the pollution situation of Bucharest, the generating reasons of it, as well as measures for reducing and preventing the pollution. 

            The pupils’ efforts, as well as the ones of the teachers that guided them were rewarded with Participation Diplomas.




         - in the enclosure of School Nr. 1 “Sfintii Voievozi”, the pupils involved in this projects made an informative panel  with posters , brochures and photos gathered during the mentioned activities , in order to make known their results and to render pupils sensitive about the environment problems of local and international community .






      - with the same occasion , pupils from seventh grade participated at a Symposium called “Earth’s Day” , where they presented “Earth’s Day Is Vibrating In Our Hearts “,informing the public about the importance of this day , its founder as well as about the existing problems that the humans are confronting with (pollution reasons, measures of  lowering it and the necessity of preserving natural monuments ).




    -  “Create your environment “ contest requested from pupils during a  practice proof to create an object from recyclable materials .The students from the seventh grade answered correctly at the jury’s questions and made a doll from recyclable materials ,obtaining the 1st prize.

             -   also , for realizing the importance of a clean environment , the pupils from School Nr. 1 “Sfintii Voievozi” visited The Natural
Science Museum “Grigore Antipa” , The Botanical Gardens
“D. Brandza” as well as other parks from Bucharest.





   II. In the United Kingdom,the group of pupils from School Nr. 1
 “Sfintii Voievozi”, guided by Mrs. Alina Unguru and Ms. Rodica
Pana participated together with their mates from Heles’s School
guided by Mr. Clive Rowbury, Mr. Steve Parke and Mrs. Charlotte
 Wolf , at a lot of activities and visits that had as principal theme the protection of the environment:





               - The debate having the topic “Protect the environment”
stimulated the pupils from both schools in different activities that
aimed at discovering some efficient methods of protecting the
surrounding environment. The winner group , suggestively called
 “Good People” have been rewarded with participation diplomas.
            - “Save the Rainforest” workshop, developed inside of
Hele’s School, Plymouth, was like an investigation where pupils were detectives, trying to find the true murderers of Chico Mendes, one of the most important defenders of the rainforests.


          The activity represented a total success, both Romanian pupils and British ones made a connection between the reasons of the murder of Chico Mendes and the causes of irrational deforestation of  the rainforests.

          The power point presentation provided important information
 for pupils about the necessity of preserving the rainforests.





             -  continuing these activities , the pupils from both schools
 who took part at the project, visited The Natural Biosphere created
 within the framework of EDEN Project from Cornwall , The National Marine Aquarium  from Plymouth , the natural reservation “Dartmoor
National Park” and arranged gardens from Edgecumbe Mount ,
locations where they could see the way that man succeeded to
create optimal environment conditions  for some species of plants
and animals. 





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